Woolley Grange Residents Association (WGRA)

The residents association was created in 2006 and since then has seen many contributors to the committee and work done on behald of the residents.
The current committee is focussed on fostering the community spirit and bringing people together, providing a central place for communication to all residents and blah blah blah (NEED TO WORD)

Meet the Committee

WGRA Committee is made up for volunteers and are keen to be an approachable team of residents.  In this section come and meet the Committee members, their roles and learn a bit about them.

Constitution...What we are trying to achieve

Any group needs to have a set of goals and methods on how they will go about achieving them.  WGRA have a constitution that details how the association will operate and what is trying to be achieved.

Achivements so far...

Often work carried out by the WGRA Committee (current and past) goes unrealised and unnoticed.
Here you will see a list of things that the association has worked on and achieved, reading through this list will certainly give you an idea of what the association is about and maybe help you think of other things you would like the association to consider.  If so, get in touch.